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Alburgh Town Office

1 North Main Street
Alburgh, Vermont 05440

Phone: (802) 796-3468
Fax: (802) 796-3939

Town Clerk - Donna Bohannon
The Municipal Clerk plays a central role in the operation of local government with duties that include regular contact with the public. The Clerk's statutory range is recording, preserving and certifying public documents to administering oaths of office, complying with public information requests, posting public notices, running local elections, selling fish and game licenses, issuing marriage licenses and the licensing of animals.

Town Treasurer - Donna Bohannon
The Treasurer plays a vital role in managing the finances of the town. He or she is responsible for keeping the town's accounts, investing monies received by the town (with the approval of the Select Board), keeping a record of the taxes voted, and paying orders from officials authorized by law to draw from town accounts. The Treasurer must work with the auditors to settle town accounts prior to the annual meeting, and he or she is often called upon to provide the Select Board with financial information about budgets.

Assistant Town Clerk / Town Treasurer - Danielle James Choiniere
As Assistant Town Clerk, Danielle assists with the everyday office duties to keep the office up to date with recording documents and answers many questions involved with the day to day operations of the Town. Her part-time position is mandated by the State of Vermont and she is appointed by the Town Clerk.


--- We accept cash, check or money orders, credit cards for a fee! ---

Dog Licensing
-Yearly requirement
-Rabies certificate required
-$10-$14 if done before April 1 or $12-$16 if done after

Marriage Licenses
-$60 fee

DMV Renewals

-If under 2 months expired
-Require cash, check, or money order to DMV
-$3 office fee

Certificates of Marriages/Deaths/Births That Occurred in Town or By Residents
-$10 for certified copy

-$1 per page for land record documents
-25¢ per page up to 49
-10‚¢ per page for 50+ pages
-5ƒ‚¢ for non-profits
-3‚¢ for non-profits with their own paper

-.50¢ per page outgoing
-25¢ per page incoming

Recording Land Record Documents
-$15 per page to record / $15 mobile home bills of sale

Hunting/Fishing Licenses
-For both State residents and nonresidents

Scanning/Emailing Documents
-50¢ per page

Posting of Land
-$5 fee

Genealogy Research
-$5 fee if performed by office staff
-$2 per hour for public

Burn Permits
-Free of charge and can be given over the phone

Voter Registrations

Green Mountain Passports (free admission to VT State Parks)
-Must be 62+ years old or a military veteran